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PIRES Real Estate Acquires NEXA Liverpool

After exceeding all targets and with business growing at a rapid pace, both Peter and NEXA director Jamie Gray are proud to announce that PIRES Real Estate owned by Samantha Cranney has acquired NEXA Liverpool and we have big plans to grow and develop the business further under our new brand.

“We are pleased to jointly announce that PIRES Real Estate owned by Samantha Cranney has acquired NEXA Liverpool, and will be taking the business forward under its new brand. This positive partnership has seen the establishment of a new property business in Liverpool, delivering a unique business model and customer experience which will now be taken forward fully under the PIRES brand. And we wish them all the best.”  Words by Jamie Gray NEXA director.

2021 was an incredible year and December has been our biggest month in the Liverpool office to date, with lots of exciting new developments which are sure to make 2022 an amazing year.

Our vision for PIRES is to keep growing the business naturally, through our determination and will to succeed and to continue to grow by providing the highest quality service to our clients.

The PIRES philosophy is positivity, longevity, and consistency

Positivity- we believe that positivity should drive all our business interactions from client support to project management. Yes, there may be hurdles but by keeping positive, PIRES will find you options negativity never sees

Longevity- we believe in treating our clients with humility and respect. We want you to feel that we are always available and approachable. Our aim is to create a strong foundation for long lasting business relationships and long-term projects

Consistency- in conjunction with our values of positivity and longevity, we also believe in consistency. We are consistent in our business dealings, consistent in our approach and consistent in our relationship with you. With PIRES, you’ll always have someone available to talk to who is ready for action.

We anticipate that throughout 2022 PIRES Real Estate will continue to go from strength to strength. We will be working on growing the business and supporting our clients who remain our first priority.