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5 reasons to invest in property in Liverpool 2022

As an expert real estate agent we pride ourselves in our industry knowledge and providing the highest quality service to all of our clients. 2022 is the year for property investment, especially in the Liverpool area, take a look at these 5 reasons why you should invest in property in Liverpool this year.

Rental value rise

Statistics the rental value will rise in Liverpool throughout 2022. Even though last year the rental average was below the national figure at £978 pcm as the Liverpool average many sources have stated the rental value will soar in Liverpool in 2022.

Liverpool universities

Liverpool has 4 well known universities which have students coming from all over the world to attend, therefore the market for student accommodation in Liverpool is massive and keeps rising each year with more and more students coming to Liverpool to attend one of the universities. Student shared accommodation, flats and apartments are ideal for students and Liverpool offers many of these properties in the city centre close to the universities.

Liverpool business and tourism

Liverpool is one of the northern powerhouse cities and it has a lot of big businesses and work schemes that bring people to the city for work with many long term job offer. People come from all over for these opportunities which opens up the market for these people since they will need places to live. Liverpool also has a large amount of tourism both domestic and international because of its history with music and it has two big football clubs, many people are attracted to Liverpool because of these more people are brought into the city to live and work who will need places to live.

High rental yield

Liverpool property offers high rental yields, each postcode in Liverpool offers different rental yields and all are at high percentages. With some rental yields within different areas ranging from 7.4% to 10.3%. the average rental yield in Liverpool is 4.45%.

Liverpool lower average house prices

Liverpool’s average house price is lower than the national average house price, this is a great time for investors to buy property in Liverpool. While other northern cities have average house prices such as Manchester, Liverpool’s average house price is £134,664 while Manchester’s average house price is £184,506. That is a significant difference of £50,060. Statistics state that house prices all over the UK are going to rise throughout 2022 Liverpool will still stay be lower than the national average.